Waldorf Publishing Presents Pinky Doodle Bug: A delightful children's book series from Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Kris Fuller

What is Your Favorite Character or Illustration?

Hello and thank you for being here with us!  One of the things that has been the most fun about bringing Pinky Doodle Bug to you is the illustration process.  It's been SO MUCH FUN to see what our illustrator Vova Kirichenko will create next!  

Do you have a favorite illustration from the book? More than a few favorites?  I know we sure do!!

Here is one of our favorite illustrations!
We love Pinky!

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino helps people of all ages by encouraging them to “Let Your Dreams Fly!” Wanting to inspire children, she created Pinky Doodle to show how following your heart, collaborating with friends, and believing in yourself matters. When Elizabeth isn’t writing, she loves photography, baking cookies and spending time with her husband, Peter, and their four sons and three cats in Maine.

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